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Real estate brokerage

If you want to buy or sell a property with our help, you can do it in two ways:

a. "Regular" or non-exclusive brokerage - we help you sell your property with your knowledge and experience, but we leave you the freedom to privately try to sell it through your private / business acquaintances or with the help of other brokers. Our goal is always to sell your real estate, regardless of whether we do it ourselves or your help.

b. "Exclusively" exclusive brokerage - as a rule, the best way to sell real estate since our experience has shown how our customers were most comfortable with this approach. The reason was to build a total trust in which we provide our maximum, and often more than that.

There are, of course, additional benefits:

a Complete legal service;
b Specially determined brokerage commission;
c Greater investment in advertising and marketing;
d Priority of real estate in front of other real estates;
e Professional photographic real estate;
f Obtaining of Energy Certificate

Renting, managing and maintaining real estate

You have a dream property, but you have not yet been able to use it? Are you looking for a broker to help you rent out?

Taking care of a real estate you do not live can be really a burden to the little spare time you have, we can take your full responsibility for your four walls instead.

Since the process of maintaining, managing and real estate leasing is a complex and demanding job, we engage more people who are there to cover everything - from real estate maintenance (cleaning jobs), through management, booking and documentation, to renting and communicating with guests .

Legal counseling

It is a specific segment of our services where we want all our clients, and those who will become our clients inform with the real situation on the real estate market.
When we say "the actual situation," we mean thoughtful and accurate information that is sometimes difficult to come by.
We also advise you how to behave in every situation whether you intend to sell or buy a property.


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